Richmond - The Department of Motor Vehicles is using technology to advance the manner in which vehicle liens are processed in Virginia. The new method uses an electronic information exchange system that will benefit customers, lenders and motor vehicle dealers. DMV, in partnership with Crestar Bank, developed an electronic system that allows DMV to hold a vehicle title with a lien for the lenders. The system works as follows: *DMV places an electronic indicator on its customer record system when the vehicle is financed. *No paper title is produced at this point, and the lender is notified of their lien, electronically. *The lender notifies DMV electronically when the lien has been satisfied. *DMV removes the lien holder information from the record. *DMV prints a clean title and mails it to the customer. With the new system in place, lenders do not have to sort, check and file paper titles. Lenders estimate that this process will eliminate almost eight steps when filing incoming paper titles. ÒThis is another way DMV is reducing bureaucracy and using advanced technology to enhance our customer service delivery options,Ó said Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb. Once the lien has been satisfied, the paper title is printed and sent to the customer. ÒWhen the paper title is mailed, it is not necessary for the customer to visit a DMV office to get the title reissued to remove the lien holder information. It decreases paperwork and the entire process is faster and more efficient,Ó said Holcomb. If a lender wishes to have a paper title for any reason, the lender can simply electronically request DMV to print it. For example, paper titles are available for repossessions or the exchange of liens between lenders. First Union Bank, Chase Automotive Finance, and Chase Manhattan Bank have joined with Crestar in implementing VirginiaÕs electronic lien process.

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Real music sung with passion and intensity is his stock in trade. Pure emotion and heart-to-heart honesty are the ingredients he used to express his God given musical talent. With a vocal style reminiscent of old school masters like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Bobby Womack, singer/songwriter Rome is an artist for the Ô90s with musical roots in the rich soul music of the Ô60s and Ô70s. As his exciting self-titled first album for RCA Records shows, RomeÕs forte lies in his skill as a purveyor of smooth, sensual ballads like ÒI Belong To YouÓ, ÒJust Once, Once More, Three TimesÓ and ÒGotta Be DownÓ, just three of the twelve standout songs he co-wrote for the album. ÒI sing songs from the heart,Ó says the characteristically modest music man. ÒI write from personal experiences and from witnessing situations in my life.Ó As prime examples, he mentions ÒReal JoyÓ, which Òreflects the sensitive side of a man and celebrates finding a new partnerÓ and the beautiful ÒNever Find Another Love Like MineÓ, which he notes Òis a special love song that both men and women can relate to. It reminds people that itÕs the little things that count if you want to make a relationship work.Ó With productions on twelve of the thirteen cuts by Gerald Baillergeau and Victor Merritt of Grand Jury Productions, RomeÕs album has a musical consistency, and although the majority of tracks are heartfelt slow jams, heÕs equally at home with midtempo groove tunes like ÒCrazy LoveÓ, ÒFeelin Kinda GoodÓ, and ÒDo Me RightÓ. As an expression of his appreciation for the pioneers of R&B, Rome also offers a remake of Bobby WomackÕs Ô70s classic, ÒThatÕs The Way I Feel About ChaÓ, a song he says ÒI never heard until I began working on the album. I never knew BobbyÕs music the way I knew the music of artists like Marvin Gaye and James Brown, but when I heard that particular tune, it was like, hey, this man was singing back then about something I knew, something I could relate to. ThatÕs the thing I want my own songs to have--that universal quality that makes them tunes everyone can relate to.Ó A native of Benton Harbor, Michigan, Rome began singing at the age of three in a household where music was a constant. ÒMy mother sang in the local church choir and as I was growing up, I heard artist like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, James Brown, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons...I could go on and on!Ó Encouraged by his family to pursue his musical dreams, Rome joined a local group called Fire & Ice during his high school years and pretty soon found himself traveling to Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis, singing in local clubs, talent contests, and in the basement at different house parties. From early on, I knew music was my calling and that I would pursue a career as a singer and songwriter.Ó Committed to fulfilling his dreams, Rome relocated to Los Angeles in 1989. ÒI soon found that it took a lot to make it in the music business,Ó he reminisces. ÒYou have to network, you have to focus on what you want...and you have to deal with your own basic everyday survival!Ó Although he had originally arrived in L.A. with members of his old high school group, Rome took the solo route soon after settling in the city, performing in a couple of industry showcases. ÒI got a great response from doing those early showcases, but they didnÕt land me a deal. I realized that I had to stop and develop myself as an artist and I had to find the right material that would show what I had to offer.Ó After performing on some local cable television shows and touring as a background singer with recording artist Vesta, Rome met L.A. producer and well-known gang mediator Michael Concepcion, who in turn introduced him to producers Baillergeau and Merritt in 1993. ÒI auditioned for Gerald and Victor. They played me a track and I made up words right on the spot. One of the first songs we did was ÒI Belong To YouÓ, then, after the completion of three tunes, the demo went to RCA RecordsÕ Senior Vice President of Black Music, Kevin Evans, and he gave me my deal.Ó Citing New Edition and Whitney Houston among his musical inspirations and Club NouveauÕs Jay King and R.J. of R.J.Õs Latest Arrival among his early mentors in the industry, Rome began working on his all-important debut in the summer of Ô96, creating songs Òthat wouldnÕt just fit into one category but had that universal feel - R&B, pop, blues...I feel that God gave me a gift and my aim has always been to make music that spreads joy.Ó That aim has clearly been realized with his soul-filled RCA debut. From the late night sensuality of ÒLet Me Come HomeÓ to the heartfelt conviction of ÒNever Find Another Love Like MineÓ and the soothing warmth of ÒHeavenÓ, Rome hits home with each track on the album. ÒMy philosophy in live is to always be who you are and be true to yourself. IÕd like to think my album shows people who I am and what IÕm about,Ó he says with a warm smile. And as evidenced by his first album, what Rome is all about is making music thatÕs real and honest, a melding of the traditional sound of Ô70s R&B and the contempory urban sound of the Ô90s.

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